Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stamps I have

Although it is difficult to find stamps here in India. I hve managed to get my hands on ome of the stamps. All stamps i have are from Hobby Ideas. I hate to admit that inspite of their stamps being sold they are still not keeping their stock updated. Last time i visited they had just left over ink pads. I was looking mainly for larger black ink pad & they just didnt have it.
I hope soon some company in India starts manufacturing stamps & pigmnet ink pads required for card making.

these are the stamps I have bought over last few months. luckily oonce I went to Kemps Corner  store they had clear stamps & I immediately bought that one. although I repent now on factthat I should have gone through all clear stamps sheet they had back then & purchased them all  cos wen Iwent there about a week ago they didnt have any clear stamps & also no clue if they gonna have more of it or not. I hope they do restock their clear stamps

these 4 tiny stamps were part of set including one ink stick. my sister gave it to me on my last b'day along with one of the carla craft punch
I like these stamps. these are something called as magnetic stamps. basically it cam as a pack containing these 6 magnet stamps, one megnet wooden block & an ink stick. I was so happy when i found this set because I m soon gonna make a scrapbook for my niece who was born in this juanuary. I m going to be able to use this whole stamp set.
these ar e all the stamps I bought recently when I went about a week ago.

I just love these sea themed stamps. there were few more but i liked these ones most. u can see that I have used them in one of my cards  I made recently for card patterns sketch. havenot used those sky themed stamps yet.

these 3 wheel stamps came in 1 pack. I was happy to find that even though only in 1 design they had wheel stamps atleast. best part is all of them have different width. though they all have hearts n related images to stamp only. but still something is better than nothing.
these are all the ink pads I have as of now.  I know its not nough but trying to increase my collection slowly one at a time. sponge u see at bottomis regular make up sponge all I do is cut it into 4 pieces & than use it for inking my edges. they are pretty cheap also. after using I store that particular used piecein an air tight bag so that they dont spoil each other & i dont have to keep looking for new one every time..
A tip to store ur stamps: always store them upside down. i.e. ur ink sponge facing bottom of ur box. this way u ll get ink ery nicely on ur stamp whenever u use it. It des make a lot of difference on ur stamped image.

so thats all for now..
Happy Stamping

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  1. hi! i like ur greetings.
    i want to aks u that where u purchase these stamp. i desperately want that but i didnt get that in mumbai.