Thursday, June 10, 2010

3D Quilling made by me

I was introduced to this whole craft thing via iris foldin first. than I learnt quilling.. & I was so much in love with quilling that for almost a year or so all I was doing was making different kind of quilling stuff.
I like one thing about quilling is that with just few strips of paper u can convert any of imagination into quilling.. I love 3D quilling a lot.. my first attempt was this little doll..

I know she doesnot look very pretty but it was just my first attempt based on whatever i had read on internet.

next creation was these 2 cute little doctors. one with hair was my first attemp & one who is bald was done few weeks later.

now comes a really cute pink doll. her hair was inspired by a fellow member from Quiller group on yahoo.

one of my friend liked it so much so I gave her away.

next is collection of these 4 dolls. they were all made simultaneously about 3 months ago. I have given them all four different kind of hairs.

these are two pink sisters. you see those blue polka dot like stuff on left one? basically what I have used is punched out shapes of border punches. whenever I but border punches I try to make sure that even punch out shapes should be useful. I is little tidious applying those small dots n curves but effect I got in the end was worth all efforts I put in. tweezers are my best friends in such work.

this orange doll was my first attempt at making this kind of dolls. you will notice that it is different than all rest of the dolls u see. her hair was done in same way as i mentioned above for doll with flowers in her hand. it took me 2 days to copmlete her hairs. I love that cute little hat.

this angel was made using directions from Malinda Jonhston's Paper Quilling book. though I couldnot make wings as she has said so all I did was use comb quilling to make angel wings. again those orange tiny flowers are from border punches.

this doll I made to give it as a gift to one of my niece.

Hope u had fun watching my dolls.


  1. Hi Neha, I just love these quilling dolls especially the angel. I think that one is my favorite although it was hard to choose. You did a fantastic job with these. Thanks for sharing.

  2. lovely dolls n angel!


  3. Very nice and original creations!
    Greetings from Chile.