Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Card Cum Frame

Hello everyone..
What I m showing u here is card cum frame made for a cousin's friend as a birhtday gift.. It was made almost 8-9 months ago so I dont remember the dimensions exactly..
The frame was made from ivory card.
U can find it's tutorial on Inna's Blog.
I painted it with metallic copper fabric color from fevicryl.

Letters on LHS i.e. name of the person was done using iris folding.
Rest all the lettering u see i.e. sentiments n everything was all printed first on paper than cut out carefully n stuck on frame.
Most difficult of all was sentiment in centre. i.e. orange one. it was printed on kinda light wt paper & with old english text so had to be very careful while cutting it & sticking. Thanks to my surgical scalpel I use for cutting that I could manage all those strokes of old english text.
Entire card took me about 2months to complete while working only 6-8 hours on sundays..
This patch of flower itself was a big thing to arrange on card. Made nearly 130 leaves with 3-4 shades of green strips using tear drop, marsique coil, wheaters, husking & comb quilling...

Dear brother on top was added using foam tape just to make it pop out a little..

These are all the flowers i used in making whole patch..
After the entire card was done I added a stand at the back so it can stand on desk or shelf & front was coered with white gelatin to prevent from damage & dust!!

I hope the receiver did like it after all.

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  1. Hi Neha, I just love the quilled flower patch. I didn't think quilling was as pretty as what you have displayed here. Very very pretty! Thanks for sharing.