Wednesday, June 9, 2010

All Punches I Have Right Now

So today I m going to show u all the punches I have [& may be make some of u jealous :P].  I have collected them slowly over last 1 year...
first to show u how I store them. Really not a good way to store ur punches but due to lack of space this is all I have to manage them right now.
Now these are some of the mega & big punches i have
The one in green  is corner punch. I guess I was lucky to land my hand on this one. Dont find a lot of them around here.
These are all the lever punches I have.
Now all the medium ones.

I have only 3 of these carl craft punches. rest all punches i hve shown so far n others I ll show furhter are Jef puches.

out of these 3 fern leaf & diasy flower was gift to me.

These are teeny tiny punches.. the are soooooo cute...
Now I ll show different series of punches. basiclly they are same shape but in different sizes.. never even thought so while buying them Its just that one day I was going through all punches & I realised that there are 3 such shapes which I have in series.
1. Daisy series

2. Vinca series

3. last one. Heart series.

So that is all for today. will show u all stamps I have in a day or two.
Happy Punching!!!


  1. hey,nice collection:)plz tell me frm where cn i get jef punches online...

  2. tanya.. A1 craft is my supply store only.. so all dis punches u would see in catalog i sent u.. or did i not?? u can buy any jef punches.. i have huge range..

  3. oh yea!!i dint knew a1craft is yr store:)i thought dis is d new blog i had discovered...nd after lookng d huge range of punches cant stop myself 2 ask....lucky u r staying in mumbai,gt 2 find these lovely punches nd stamps around u.... u must be having a huge number of punches around u for yr store....i will be ordering soon as soon as im over with my papers:))