Friday, July 6, 2012

Some Baby Card

These are some baby cards made using my newest Stampin up and unity stamps

All cards are made using:
base card: 300 GSM
cardstock: fabriano elle erre
Die cuts: grommet tags
stamps: stampin up and unity
Inks: regular ink pads
Ribbons: baby die cut ribbons, organza, grosgrain
all these material are available at A1 Craft Supply

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Storing Your Dies

Hello Friends,

I got my own cuttlebug few months ago and I knokw lot of you out there have die cutting machine too.
And when you start building up your collection of dies you have a question of how to store your dies. So I m going to show you how you can store dies.

This is just one of the way. There is another way of storing them and I ll post that one too within next week or so

First of all materials you will need.
magnetic sheet [find at A1 Craft Supply ]
scalpel/ craft knife
empty CD cases or CD sleeves
and ofcourse Dies.. lots and lots of dies... :)

Cut your magnetic sheet into 4 by 4 inches piece.
 From one sheet of 8 by 12 you can get six 4 by 4 pieces.

Now you have option to round the corner. I prefer clean look
But to do this you need heavy duty corner rounder and not cheap one. 
I used SDI Corner Rounder this rounder is worth the money u spend believe me!!

Now you have 2 options to useeither clear plastic CD case or CD sleeves.
CD sleeves will be available at A1 Craft Supply soon.

If you want to use CD sleeves than simply take ur die from its original packaging and put it on magnetic piece. on black side which is magnetic. 
And you simple slide it in CD sleeve.
Now you can cut a piece of cardstock and put name of your die on it and stick it in front of cover..
Each cover is has 2 pockets so u can put 2 dies in one.
Also this sleeves have hole at the top so once u are done start putting them in binder ring which again are available at A1 Craft Supply
I recommend 2" binder ring for this particular arrangement.

now if you are like me who has lot of empty CD cases at home than below is option for you.

 On all magnetic sheets there is colored backing on one side..
and once you remove it it reveals sticky side of the magnetic sheet..
Pulling off this backing will take a bit of effort. so dunt be scared to pull on it.

 Now stick this sticky magnetic piece on inside of your CD case centering it.
Again each CD case will hold 2 of your dies.

Now again remove dies from their packaging and put it in your CD case with magnetic sheet.

Now I just cut two of my tags and simply attached using ribbon. this ribbon was placed before attaching the magnetic sheet.
Alternatively you can stick the labels using glue as well.

Now when u place this CDs in your cupboards or CD storage racks they are going to be standing or lying. 
So what you have to do is cut a strip which is 1/4" and write name of both collections on it.
And stick it on the closed end of your CD.
[this might sound a bit confusing but its simple to understand once u have CD case in your hand]

This way you can see all your CDs with which collection it holds.

Hope this helps u to store your dies.
If you have query about any of this please feel free to get in touch.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Felt Flower All Occasion Cards

These are 2 very quick cards I made some time ago. They can be used for any occasion hence no sentiment on them yet.

Both these cards were made in less than 30 minutes including the die cutting part.
I have made them just tiny bit different from each other..

Supplies I used:
Papers: fabriano elle erre for layering, 300 gsm for base card
flowers are made using 3 dies: scallop circle, nelli snellen frame die and button in the centre is from same nellie snellen die.

All these products you can find at A1 Craft Supply

Thanks for taking your time and having a look at my cards.