Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gift Box With Colored Tilda

Hi everyone,
Today I m showing u a quick gift box made from one A4 sheet of paper. U can see tutorial on WOJ Tutorial Blog. I love WOJ images n tutorials. Sadly I dont have any of their stamps. It sure is one of my wish list products.
Do u see cute Tilda. It was sent to me as stamped image by one of my friends Baukje [thanks bee]. & I have colored her using watercolor pencils sent to me by Tejal [thanks to u too sweety].
This was my first attempt at coloring Tilda as well as using a watercolor pencils.. so do lemme know if u like it or not.
& here is the side view.. i attached tilda with foam tape to raise it a little.
BG paper is by itsy bitsy.
Please ignore the mess  u see in BG. I have no time to clean my desk right now. so I just make things n click photo than n there.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Quilled Bookmark

hey everyone,
its again been quite a long time since I posted.. It gets really difficult working in a hospital n making cards simultaneously..
Today is a quick post. I made a quilled bookmark.actually it was suppose to be for a challenge blog Take A Quill Pill started by piyu one of our Indian fellow crafter.
I was suppose to enter but just couldnt make it on time.. but I promised her I ll participate so inspite of challenge being closed I made a book mark as I promised her. Piyu I m really sorry that I could not make it on time. I wish I would have known about ur challenge blog a little earlier..

people it is an exclusive quilling challenge blog. this was first challange. n it was to use tight coils on book mark.
for those of u who may not know how to quill hope on to this blog as piyu will be adding tutorial one after the other. good way to start quilling now..
also dont forget to check her creatio on her blog. she has amazing quilling work done..

n here is the close up of bookmark. as u can see I have used only white colour including the ribbon. just felt like making it monochromatic. i hope to see lots of u participating in net challenge..

bye for now..

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some Parchment Craft Cards I have Done Over Last 2-3 Months

I love how parchment craft greeting cards look after u process the paper through all those different techniques.
this is my first ever attempt at parchment craft.I m happy the way card had come it being the first time.

These 3 monogram cards were sent as gift to 3 of my good friends.

I hope to make some more beautiful parchment cards soon.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Link For Embossed & Woolly Paper

hey everyone,
here is the link to my picasa where I have put pics of embossed & woolly papers

I know I had said I ll put links soon but sorry I couldnt. been on busy schedule lately. So if u interested in any do let me know on mail or gimme cal on my cell.