Monday, September 20, 2010

Quilled Bookmark

hey everyone,
its again been quite a long time since I posted.. It gets really difficult working in a hospital n making cards simultaneously..
Today is a quick post. I made a quilled bookmark.actually it was suppose to be for a challenge blog Take A Quill Pill started by piyu one of our Indian fellow crafter.
I was suppose to enter but just couldnt make it on time.. but I promised her I ll participate so inspite of challenge being closed I made a book mark as I promised her. Piyu I m really sorry that I could not make it on time. I wish I would have known about ur challenge blog a little earlier..

people it is an exclusive quilling challenge blog. this was first challange. n it was to use tight coils on book mark.
for those of u who may not know how to quill hope on to this blog as piyu will be adding tutorial one after the other. good way to start quilling now..
also dont forget to check her creatio on her blog. she has amazing quilling work done..

n here is the close up of bookmark. as u can see I have used only white colour including the ribbon. just felt like making it monochromatic. i hope to see lots of u participating in net challenge..

bye for now..


  1. Hey Neha,
    Thanks so much! You bookmark is awesome. The white flowers and the pearl center on golden background is looking great. I couldn't include it in the challenge :( , but I have displayed it on my post.

  2. Just popping onto say thanks for becoming a follower of our new challenge,Sparkle Dreams Challenge look forward to seeing you on the 1st October for our first challenge...
    The Sparkle DT

  3. Wouldn't the weight of the book crush the delicate quilling work? How does one create them without the receiver flattening the bookmark completely?

  4. @armand: no the weight doesnt crush the quilling if tight coils are used in making flowers.. also usually the bookmark is long so a part tht has quilling peeps out of the book... hope that explains it..