Friday, June 25, 2010

First Ever Indian Challenge Blog

This is great news for all us Inidan crafters...
One of our fellow crafter Jaya has started a challenge blog. Crafty JC Challenge Blog. This is the first time some Indian challenge blog has come.. Its gonna start in august mostly. Its gonna give all Indian crafters to get their hands on some of those expensive craft goodies... I m excited to make card for this one for sure...
International fellow crafters are welcome as well. so dont forget to check this out!!!

Card Patterns Sketch #69

Ok so finally my exams are over.. & I have loooooooot of time to make cards..
so after a long time I got time to make card.. Here is my take for card patterns sketch #69
Materials used:
Base card: marun card stock
Layered with white crad stock with design on it from my stash
Image is from clear stamps of Hobby ideas.
Flowers are punched daisies. stuch 2 together n than embossed.
the fun part for me was centre of large flower.
what looks like button in centre is hand made. Just stick 4-5 circles on to each other with fevicol. let it dry over night. than whenever u need to use them just stick one more circle of color u want it to be & than simple pierce holes.
best part u can make it in any shape u want. Cool!!! Isnt it??
As for small flowers centre are just white half pearls that I
coloured using OHP marker.

I am also posting this card for Sir Stampalot Challenge for June month. They have punches worth 200$ to offer. so I want to try my luck... Hope i get it.. ;)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CPS sketch #171

Hello everyone,
I promised myself yesteday that i wont make any more cards for next one week since i have exam. But believe me when I stumbled upon this CPS sketch I could not resist myself. This whole card was made in just 15 minutes!! Yepppp.. thats right only 15 minutes..
This card is different for me than other cards mainly because it is very simple.. Not too much layering neither too much embelishments.. & also because this card is 80% handmade stuff..
base card & layer is hand made paper from Hobby Ideas.
I stamped layered paper with butterfly from Hobby Ideas.
& those flowers at bottom are  my recent shopping from Itsy Bitsy.I just picked 6 flowers of 2 colours from prima flowers. glued 2 of them together.Added half pearl for the centre & stuck them using foam tape to pop them out a little..

Big Card Cum Frame

Hello everyone..
What I m showing u here is card cum frame made for a cousin's friend as a birhtday gift.. It was made almost 8-9 months ago so I dont remember the dimensions exactly..
The frame was made from ivory card.
U can find it's tutorial on Inna's Blog.
I painted it with metallic copper fabric color from fevicryl.

Letters on LHS i.e. name of the person was done using iris folding.
Rest all the lettering u see i.e. sentiments n everything was all printed first on paper than cut out carefully n stuck on frame.
Most difficult of all was sentiment in centre. i.e. orange one. it was printed on kinda light wt paper & with old english text so had to be very careful while cutting it & sticking. Thanks to my surgical scalpel I use for cutting that I could manage all those strokes of old english text.
Entire card took me about 2months to complete while working only 6-8 hours on sundays..
This patch of flower itself was a big thing to arrange on card. Made nearly 130 leaves with 3-4 shades of green strips using tear drop, marsique coil, wheaters, husking & comb quilling...

Dear brother on top was added using foam tape just to make it pop out a little..

These are all the flowers i used in making whole patch..
After the entire card was done I added a stand at the back so it can stand on desk or shelf & front was coered with white gelatin to prevent from damage & dust!!

I hope the receiver did like it after all.

Card Patterns Sketch 68

So here I m again with a new card.. Nothing very fancy here..
Materials Used:
base card: dark marun metallic card
1st alyer: off white metalic card:
oval in centre was first cut on red paper n than layered
with net.
For flowers in centre I have used two different sizes of
daisy punches. glued to each other than embossed.
Leaves were just given vein in centre.
Bottom strip was cut with designer scissors & than
layered with scrap from wedding invitations...

Hope u liked it!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Waterfall & Step Card

It was my first attemp at waterfall card as well as side step & two step card. Here is what i came up with
I made this card a little while ago though didnt have time to show u ppl. Those stamps are from hobby ideas set of magnetic stamp & foot prints were punched using mini punch

This is the 2 step card

& now a side step card

punch on side panel is using designer punch & stamped on bottom pannel with one of the hobby ideas design stamps

hope u like them!!
next on my list is making secret panel card & easle card... hope to get time to do it soon!! 

Mojo Monday Contest #142

Hello everyone,
Today I m showing u a simple card I made for Mojo Monday Challenge. I have never tried tilted square before so had to take some time in all arrangement.. rest was simple..

Materials Used:
base card srock: metallic pearl neavy blue colored
1st layer: metallic paper from wedding invitation card
two small strips from same paper as base card & attached with 2 eyelets
square layered tilted: again scrap metallic paper from wedding invirte cards
flower is done using comb quilling
sentiment made in photoshop than printed on paper & layered with same paper as base card. attached with foam tape.
scallops at bottom are using 3/4" circle punch

hopw u like my card!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mega Blog Candy @ True's Blog

be sure to visit true's blog via link
just go through all what she has to offer & I tell u, u ll also fall for this candy immediately.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stamps I have

Although it is difficult to find stamps here in India. I hve managed to get my hands on ome of the stamps. All stamps i have are from Hobby Ideas. I hate to admit that inspite of their stamps being sold they are still not keeping their stock updated. Last time i visited they had just left over ink pads. I was looking mainly for larger black ink pad & they just didnt have it.
I hope soon some company in India starts manufacturing stamps & pigmnet ink pads required for card making.

these are the stamps I have bought over last few months. luckily oonce I went to Kemps Corner  store they had clear stamps & I immediately bought that one. although I repent now on factthat I should have gone through all clear stamps sheet they had back then & purchased them all  cos wen Iwent there about a week ago they didnt have any clear stamps & also no clue if they gonna have more of it or not. I hope they do restock their clear stamps

these 4 tiny stamps were part of set including one ink stick. my sister gave it to me on my last b'day along with one of the carla craft punch
I like these stamps. these are something called as magnetic stamps. basically it cam as a pack containing these 6 magnet stamps, one megnet wooden block & an ink stick. I was so happy when i found this set because I m soon gonna make a scrapbook for my niece who was born in this juanuary. I m going to be able to use this whole stamp set.
these ar e all the stamps I bought recently when I went about a week ago.

I just love these sea themed stamps. there were few more but i liked these ones most. u can see that I have used them in one of my cards  I made recently for card patterns sketch. havenot used those sky themed stamps yet.

these 3 wheel stamps came in 1 pack. I was happy to find that even though only in 1 design they had wheel stamps atleast. best part is all of them have different width. though they all have hearts n related images to stamp only. but still something is better than nothing.
these are all the ink pads I have as of now.  I know its not nough but trying to increase my collection slowly one at a time. sponge u see at bottomis regular make up sponge all I do is cut it into 4 pieces & than use it for inking my edges. they are pretty cheap also. after using I store that particular used piecein an air tight bag so that they dont spoil each other & i dont have to keep looking for new one every time..
A tip to store ur stamps: always store them upside down. i.e. ur ink sponge facing bottom of ur box. this way u ll get ink ery nicely on ur stamp whenever u use it. It des make a lot of difference on ur stamped image.

so thats all for now..
Happy Stamping

3D Quilling made by me

I was introduced to this whole craft thing via iris foldin first. than I learnt quilling.. & I was so much in love with quilling that for almost a year or so all I was doing was making different kind of quilling stuff.
I like one thing about quilling is that with just few strips of paper u can convert any of imagination into quilling.. I love 3D quilling a lot.. my first attempt was this little doll..

I know she doesnot look very pretty but it was just my first attempt based on whatever i had read on internet.

next creation was these 2 cute little doctors. one with hair was my first attemp & one who is bald was done few weeks later.

now comes a really cute pink doll. her hair was inspired by a fellow member from Quiller group on yahoo.

one of my friend liked it so much so I gave her away.

next is collection of these 4 dolls. they were all made simultaneously about 3 months ago. I have given them all four different kind of hairs.

these are two pink sisters. you see those blue polka dot like stuff on left one? basically what I have used is punched out shapes of border punches. whenever I but border punches I try to make sure that even punch out shapes should be useful. I is little tidious applying those small dots n curves but effect I got in the end was worth all efforts I put in. tweezers are my best friends in such work.

this orange doll was my first attempt at making this kind of dolls. you will notice that it is different than all rest of the dolls u see. her hair was done in same way as i mentioned above for doll with flowers in her hand. it took me 2 days to copmlete her hairs. I love that cute little hat.

this angel was made using directions from Malinda Jonhston's Paper Quilling book. though I couldnot make wings as she has said so all I did was use comb quilling to make angel wings. again those orange tiny flowers are from border punches.

this doll I made to give it as a gift to one of my niece.

Hope u had fun watching my dolls.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

All Punches I Have Right Now

So today I m going to show u all the punches I have [& may be make some of u jealous :P].  I have collected them slowly over last 1 year...
first to show u how I store them. Really not a good way to store ur punches but due to lack of space this is all I have to manage them right now.
Now these are some of the mega & big punches i have
The one in green  is corner punch. I guess I was lucky to land my hand on this one. Dont find a lot of them around here.
These are all the lever punches I have.
Now all the medium ones.

I have only 3 of these carl craft punches. rest all punches i hve shown so far n others I ll show furhter are Jef puches.

out of these 3 fern leaf & diasy flower was gift to me.

These are teeny tiny punches.. the are soooooo cute...
Now I ll show different series of punches. basiclly they are same shape but in different sizes.. never even thought so while buying them Its just that one day I was going through all punches & I realised that there are 3 such shapes which I have in series.
1. Daisy series

2. Vinca series

3. last one. Heart series.

Gift From A Friend Arrived

hi everyone..
I m dancing with joy right now.. i just got a parcel from US it was RAK [random act of kindness] by one of my US friend Diane Schultz. i just met her about 2 weeks ago via a yahoo group called Penny Fowers. its really very awsome & friendly group. [sorry but membership is closed now. yes they have taken very small no of members to keep it nice n private kinda group. although u can apply in waiting. if any member goes off than those in waiting are given membership]
Diane is an independent SU demonstrator. this is her blog creative paper treasures. every week she posts a tutorial of MDS i.e. my digital studio whish is a software by SU. it lets u create very beautiful cards.
she sent me a set of SU called asian artistry. it contains 5 stamps
these are all unmounted stamps so I ll have the fun of mounting them.
next she sent me a whole packet full of punched shapes..

It includes punched shapes of all SU punches. some laced ones as u see the blue one. & some other die cut sheets that can be used to make front of card.
she also sent me one embossing die to be used in Big Shot. its Manhattan Flowers die.
sadly i dont have Big Shot or Cuttlebug right now so probably this die will have to sit around in my craft stuff for some time.
& to top all these things she sent me a very beautiful card she has made using her MDS software..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Recently Found Craziness

Oh yes...I have finally managed to get my hands on these...................

I have been searching to get these colored eyelets & a eyelet fastener [i.e. crop-a-dile] since quite some time now.. about a week ago i thought of ordering eyelets from Itsybitsy. though they are pretty costly & also the postal charges on top of that.. & to my surprise 2 days ago I wen to craft shop near me Mahavir Traders & he had this fascinating colored eyelets.. it was all i needed.. he had about 7 colors & i bought 1 pack of each color [was worried that if i come next time for some color he may not have. so just bought all colors :D]

& also got eyelet fastener. it was for 300Rs. may sound a little costly at first but its totally worth investment. its by Kangaro company. if you are also looking for one just see around in stationary shops near you. Kangaro is one of the leading company in stationary supply in our country so u might get one in stationary shop as well.

if anyone wants to buy these but not able to find it than u can contact me on If u  r in other state than also i ll get it for u. just mail me on id given above.

June Sketch Challange From InStyle Stamps Blog

so as i said my blog will be flooded with post for 2-3 days.. here is another card I made for a InStyle Stamps Blog Sketch Challenge.
Once again all card stock that is used is from my stash of wedding invitation cards. flower seen in centre is 3D decoupage. it comes in sheet of A4 size with which u can accomplish 3 set of 3D decoupage pictures.

on orange strip at bottom i have used 2 yellow eyelets [my recently found craziness]. & sentiment is from a sheet that I have bought from Crawford market. its a bit expensive but i just loved it so bought it.. hahaha...

Card Patterns Sketch 67

hi every one!!! i know i should be a little bit more regualr regarding posting on my blog. sorry about that since i didnt have enough time to take picture of my cards so i could not post.
& now that i m done taking few pictures as of now there will be a little bit of flood of posts on my blog.. please bear with me... hahaha

so i have been follower of crad patterns since quite some time but never tried making one due to lot of other things going.. but this time i managed to find time & finally made the card.

u maynot believe this but this card is entirely made from those wedding invitation cards.. yes even the base card. i managed to find one that was heavy enough to become base card n plain on both side.. [i was almost drowning in my collection of wedding card scraps when i was lookin for it.. LOLLLLL..]
stamps are my resent shopping from hobby ideas.. shells are punched out & than just gave strokes using steadler fine liner.. & used faux stitchin with white gel pen on green strip & silver gel pen on pink strip.

i hope u guys like my card.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A New Beginning

hello every one.. and welcome to the blog of Crafty Doctor.. well m not so good at writing n all.. so please don't expect those huge written blog which just never end reading.... :D

the reason why i m here is because i want people to see my work.. that's right.. as i m in love with craft since quite a long time now.. i thought it would be best to let people see my work via blog.. also i must first thank to all those people who publish their work on blog.. firstly because they gave me inspiration and secondly because i learnt a lot from all this..

n so even i wish that my blog will be helpful to those who are trying to learn by them self.. u will find lot of different paper crafts here.. such as quilling, parchment craft, iris folding, stamping, punch craft, origami, 3D decoupage n many many more..

so i call it a day now or rather night LOLLLLL.. n wen i find time i ll start updating my blog..