Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Recently Found Craziness

Oh yes...I have finally managed to get my hands on these...................

I have been searching to get these colored eyelets & a eyelet fastener [i.e. crop-a-dile] since quite some time now.. about a week ago i thought of ordering eyelets from Itsybitsy. though they are pretty costly & also the postal charges on top of that.. & to my surprise 2 days ago I wen to craft shop near me Mahavir Traders & he had this fascinating colored eyelets.. it was all i needed.. he had about 7 colors & i bought 1 pack of each color [was worried that if i come next time for some color he may not have. so just bought all colors :D]

& also got eyelet fastener. it was for 300Rs. may sound a little costly at first but its totally worth investment. its by Kangaro company. if you are also looking for one just see around in stationary shops near you. Kangaro is one of the leading company in stationary supply in our country so u might get one in stationary shop as well.

if anyone wants to buy these but not able to find it than u can contact me on nehagala86@yahoo.co.in. If u  r in other state than also i ll get it for u. just mail me on id given above.

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  1. hi,i was searching for this for long time.Could u get it for me?
    Mail me to:kavi_kalalayaa@yahoo.co.in.