Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Copics Arrive In India Now

Hello there,

just a quick post today. I am really busy these days but wanted to share a good news that Copic markers are now available in India. Himalaya Fine Art in Mumbai at Nana Chawk has them. Was on their site looking for something when I came across copics.

Now they may have come there quite  some time ago but I saw it just now n saw thought would let u know all. It says they have all copic colours n also Copic Air Brushing system.. I personally find them quite costly yet so I m not gonna buy yet.. but if any of u eager stampers were waiting for this than u should take a look. I know copics are something worth putting ur money in..

P.S.: I have no association with himalaya fine arts n in no way I m getting any benefits by posting this. This post is just for ur information..


  1. Hey thanx a ton for the info Neha!

  2. You are going to love using copics. It is so much faster and I love the results!!!!

  3. hi there,
    even I saw the copic colors and have been waiting for them from a long time but they dont have the basic skin tones only..

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