Thursday, August 26, 2010

Any One For 6 by 6 Patterned papers

Hey there,
I know we all like to buy those nice looking patterned papers. But sometimes they seem costly to us.
So I got an idea from a friend of mine.
Well lot of us are buying products from Itsy Bitsy. they have each patterned paper for 20Rs plus shipping charges. So I thought of an idea.  They have total of 48 double sided patterned papers as of now. So I ll send each person a pack of 6 by 6 patterned papers containing all 48 papers.
This way you will get an idea about all papers available there & at the same time u will be able to decide which papers to buy in large sheet or not.
if u think u r interested in this than kindly mail me at
If i get enough people interested than I  ll decide cost n everything n let u know.
please let other fellow crafters know about this.
more the merrier..

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