Friday, July 16, 2010

Some ATC's I made Last Month

So here I m showing u 2 ATC's I made last month for Crazy About ATC's. Theme was "Ethnic India". This was first time ever I made an ATC. Beleive me after I signed up for it I was actually thinking for 2days about how can I create something on such a small piece of card? but eventually I managed to find something.

This is done by using fevicol glue on OHP sheet. I first laid down image under OHP sheet than traced it with very fine lines of fevicol glue. I made cone like that of heena n made this fine lines. Than let them dry overnight n next day coloured with OHP markers. Had to be very careful while colouring since lines turn out absolutely transparent.

This second ATC is done by parchment craft. It was my first attempt at colouring parchment. Wasnt very happy how colours come up though. They tend to turn so light when seen from front. I hope to find some other way to colour parchment. If anyone knows it please tell me.. I know u can see tape stuck at for courners that is because I dont have any special adhesive for parchment paper so I used routine 2 sided tape.

Hope u like my creation.

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  1. Nothing works with vellum, unless you use vellum adhesive, which we dont' get here. I tend to use eyelets to pin it down to the base cardstock or use some kind of embellishment to cover it up over the adhesive. soft colors look best with parchement. have you used the dorso crayons? they give a smooth and even finish..don't know about the quality of shilpi brand, i have the original set from pergamano, its fabulous!